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Men in Black 3. Cape Canaveral Matte Paintings

Here’s a few tidbits from a much wider range of work I did for Sony Imageworks on the third installment of the Men in Black Franchise. This was supposed to be a 60’s version of Cape Canaveral, right at the time of the Famous Apollo 11 launch. This was then projected and rendered over 3d geo resulting in a 2.5 D shot with additional Geometry supplied by Sony Imageworks.  These 3 images represent the 3 different  kinds of paintings I did… from the air approaching… on the ground… and on the actual gantry looking down for the final fight sequence. There were other one-offs I did as well. Will update more fully soon.

cavaveralcc120380_v01WIP.0051 ac110025_mpv03.1079canav2


MorningStar is the game, and it’s from the same original team that brought you HALO. Here’s some key art from pivotal moments in the storyline.  (Click on Image for Larger View)

OberonColor_2boberon away team 3.1dustAttackonOberon5.1

MorningStarARtifactv2.1 battlebelow3.2B Joplin Vs Shipv4.1