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MorningStar is the game, and it’s from the same original team that brought you HALO. Here’s some key art from pivotal moments in the storyline.  (Click on Image for Larger View)

OberonColor_2boberon away team 3.1dustAttackonOberon5.1

MorningStarARtifactv2.1 battlebelow3.2B Joplin Vs Shipv4.1


I was honored to illustrate Serj Tankian’s second poetry collection, which is published by Harper Collins and due out in March, 2011. The book was designed by Sako Shahinian who had illustrated Serj’s first anthology, Cool Gardens. Check it out on

Kupelian’s Work in Print

Some samples of publications that contain my cinematic work: The Art of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring; The Two Towers; The Return of the King; The Art of (best of) by Gary Russel. D’Artiste Matte Painting 2 (by Ballistic Publishing), and a Cinefex issue, specifically #118 for Charlie Wilson’s War and Cloverfield.